Friday, 21 August 2009

Today, Mel called me...

...and warned me not to go shopping at my favourite shop in my hometown.
She had been there earlier today and almost collapsed because of the heat and the stale air, so she thought I shouldn't risk going there.

As I had a few things on my shopping list that are only sold there, I didn't heed her advice, and I must say: I've no idea what she was on about.

I slouched through the aisles, serenely breathing syrup with no oxygen content whatsoever instead of air.
I only needed about 3 times as long as usual till I was finished.

When I stepped outside, my head swelled to the size of a balloon, gently detached itself and floated away on the breeze, leaving my body to fend for itself.
Nevertheless, I managed to find my car and drive home, so what's the big deal?^^

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